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History of Hargrave Hall

Hargrave Road took its name from the Hargrave family who leased the land in the area from the Sons of the Clergy (a charity established in 1655 for the benefit of the clergy of the Church of England). The area was redeveloped several times in the nineteenth century. There are some interesting historical maps available at

The building itself dates from the Edwardian period and was known as the Assembly Hall from 1910 and used by a congregation of the Plymouth Brethren. From 1943, it appears that the Brethren ceased to use the hall, which was renamed Hargrave Hall.

Since 1978 Hargrave Hall has been in use as a community centre. In 1988, a registered charity was formed to manage the hall.

Hargrave Hall has been successfully nominated for listing as a Community Asset of Value in March 2014.

If you have any more information about the history of this local landmark, please let us know!

Management of Hargrave Hall

The building of Hargrave Hall is owned by Islington Council who has contracted the management of the Hall to Hargrave Hall Community Association (HHCA) a registered charity (No. 1077926).

As a registered charity, HHCA trustees are responsible for ensuring that the hall is financially solvent and the activities run under the charitable purposes of the association, namely to benefit the inhabitants of North Islington and surrounding areas by improving the conditions of life, advancing education, and providing facilities in the interests of social welfare, recreation and leisure time occupation for those in the area.

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