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Follow our journey turning our exterior into a green space for all

Gardening Project Newsletter

Progress of the garden at Hargarve Hall

May 2021

A BIG thank you to Borchards Landscapers for laying our lawn.

It took some work digging up the old play equipment foundations, leveling up the entire area, relocating the bark, laying sleepers, adding soil, and then returfing but we think it looks fab!

Roll on the next steps sorting out the boundaries!


It’s only been down a few weeks but the grass is looking lush!

Our new lawn has been laid!

Doesn’t it look great! We will be watering it regularly until its roots have grown, then we’ll be allowing a limited number of daytime only bookings over the summer, subject to government guidelines.

If you’re interested in hiring this space email us at


We have repurposed our old sleepers into flower bed borders!

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DATE: Wednesday 5th May 2021
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Moving forward – removal of footings

Many years ago, the rear garden was used by a wonderful nursery that filled the exterior with outdoor play equipment. Sadly, after they left the footings remained which meant an uneven surface and created trip hazards everywhere!  The landscapers have now started removing these to ensure the ground can be levelled and safe for all.

The landscaping has begun in the rear garden!

So far all the bark and sleepers have been removed and what a difference this has made.

April 2021

Read the March 2021 newsletter HERE

Looking forward to a new view!

We can’t wait to be able to stand in this spot in 24 months and see something completely different. What? We don’t know yet, which makes it all the more exciting!

Our big tree has had a trim!

Trimming for tree health is often referred to as pruning, and it involves removing branches that are diseased, infested or interfering with healthy growth. Regular trimming keeps trees strong, creates a healthier structure and reduces the need for future corrective pruning.

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Shout out to locals, neighbours and anyone interested in improving their local environment!

We intend to hold a public zoom meeting very soon to discuss what we should do with the exterior and would love to hear from you! If you’re interested in being part of the discussion please let us know. Email us at to be added to the garden project mailing list.

Volunteers hard at work!

Our paved area is looking very tidy today!

Are you interesting in joining our gardening volunteer group? Email us at for more information.

Garden Update!

Our garden project was halted due to the COVID19 pandemic and after a few months the ivy took over! With the help of some energetic volunteers, and following the appropriate social distancing guidelines we’ve cleared it all away.

We hope to start the garden project soon turning this wasteland into the community garden it deserves to be.

Our rear garden being used as a messy play zone!

Spring 2019

This year we will be focusing on turning our currently unused garden area into a space for all.

This page will track our progress and announce opportunities for the community to get involved.

Gardening Project Newsletter

Clearing the weeds

We’ve dug out all the weeds and covered the area until we can put in some new shrubs!

Hargrave Hall Garden will be available for daytime only private hire from Spring 2021!

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